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08 September 2007 @ 10:47 am
I have a new Cell Phone #  
OK, Obviously I can't post my new # here but I figured most of you who have my # are also on my Live Journal list. so... if you ever text me or call me and want my new contact info please text my old phone and I will reply with my new contact info. My old phone # is still going to be valid until 3/16/08 I'm just not going to be carrying my old phone anymore tho I will have that phone number forward to my new # I just cant forward Text messages. (or can i?)

I found a nice phone plan that is actually a mistake Sprint made (by accidently releasing an employee email to the public with the offer) and info got out that shouldn't have this is an employee referral plan, not one they advertise and has to be done only online. .. I got a new phone plan that includes the following

Sprint Fair & Flexible Plan

- Adjustable Anytime Minutes
- America - Roaming
- Nationwide Long Distance
- Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins.
- Nights: M-th 7pm-7am Wknd: F 7pm-m 7am
- Unlimited Vision Access
- Unlimited Text Messages
- Unlimited Mobile To Mobile
- Caller Id, Call Waiting
- Three-way Calling
- Voicemail

... and how much did all this cost me?

Plan Price $ 30.00... yes only $30 bucks a month.

I had a similar plan with sprint but I was paying $73 a month for..(but I only had 200 mins. and had to pay extra for free calls after 7 pm) so now you can see why I switched. If any of you want to know how I got this drop me an email. This is a mistake Sprint made and Im sure they are going to catch this mistake soon and change the promotional email. I got a new Treo 755 (for $199) and my account set up and my new bill (with phone insurance) will only be $37 per month. WOO HOO!!! Im finally sticking it to the man. This will make up for all the crap I've had to endure with sprint since 1997.
I feel...: pleased::wagwagwag::